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Complete Dental Care for the Entire Family

You & Your Loved Ones Deserve to Smile with Confidence

There is a reason we are the number-one dental practice in Wallingford, CT. We listen to each and every one of our patients to ensure we are not only addressing anything we might discover during your examination but also what your own concerns are - be they cosmetic or functional. At each appointment, our warm and friendly staff will guide you through our practice - from diagnosis to planning, to treatment - so seamlessly and cared for you might mistake us for family.

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No Pressure, No Stress

Don’t you hate having to make a difficult decision while getting pressured by salespeople to go a certain direction you’re unsure of? At Main Street Dental, you make the decisions. We are here to educate you about what is happening in your mouth, and after we provide you with treatment planning and financing options, you’re left with a zero-pressure decision to determine how you wish to proceed. Sure, we can make suggestions, but the final word belongs to you. We can treat you at your own pace, and whether it takes two weeks, two months, or two years, we want you to end up with the smile you’ve always deserved. We will never surprise you, and we will always check in with you to make sure you’re comfortable.

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The Little Things Matter Most

Respect, honesty, punctuality, and serious attention to your overall health are what drive our practice. Whether you’re part of our agricultural community, you have a fast-paced career in the city, or you’re happily retired, our practice caters to you and personalizes treatment plans one patient at a time. At Main Street Dental, you can rest assured that you have found your forever dental practice because when you’re in our chair, you will always feel safe and secure. Our team of competent professionals is amazing at what we do, we always keep a close eye on how you’re doing, and we listen to you every step of the way.

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Your Overall Health is Our Main Goal

Achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, and improve your oral health in three steps.

Step One

Pick up the phone and schedule your appointment with us.

Step Two

Let our team walk you through our process while we listen to you and your oral health concerns.

Step Three

With you in the driver’s seat, we will develop a treatment plan that is right for you, your time and your budget.


You can afford the smile you’ve always wanted - even without dental insurance - when you become a member of Main Street Dental’s in-house patient finance plan.

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Generations of family
  • General & Family Dentistry
  • Restorations & Implants
  • Cosmetics & Whitening
  • Orthodontics & Clear Aligners
  • Prevention & Education
  • Gum Disease Treatment
  • Emergency Care
  • And more!

Service with a Smile… For Your Smile

Your time, your budget, your comfort, and your health matter to us, and they certainly matter to you. It’s our job to educate you about all of your options, but we will always leave it up to you to decide how you want this to go. You’re in the driver’s seat at Main Street Dental. And whether it’s our warm and friendly staff, the spa-like treatment you receive when you walk in, or the final result after you’ve finished treatment and you’ve finally gotten the smile you’ve always wanted, you will always have a reason to smile at Main Street.

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Read the dozens and dozens of testimonials from our satisfied patients to see what they think about Main Street Dental.

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